QiYi Cube, Square-1, Thunderclap M, QiZheng, Rubic 152, and Square-5

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If you are interested in playing cubes, you may want to check out the QiYi Cube. This cube is relatively inexpensive and is solid and smooth. It makes an excellent first speedcube for beginners. You can also check out the QiYi Square-1. This speedcube has an affordable price tag, so it is a great option for beginners.

QiYi Square-1

The QiYi Square-1 is the cheapest Square-1 model in the QiYi series and a great buy if you’re new to the twisty puzzle genre. This spinner is quick to slice and turn and features fast layers and a smooth turning action. It also comes factory pre-lubricated and works smoothly right out of the box.

While there are many different Square-1s on the market, the QiYi Square-1 is the best of them all. This locky device is slightly more expensive than the 3×3 and other popular Square-1s, but that’s due to the cheaper manufacturing cost. The lockiness makes it more locky than the 3×3 and it cuts through just about everything.

QiYi Thunderclap

QiYi’s Thunderclap M 3×3 is an ultra-fast cube with excellent stability and rotation accuracy. It can easily keep up with high-end magnetic cubes and is the best budget option from the QiYi brand. While it is not as smooth and stable as its more expensive counterparts, it is still a solid and enjoyable cube to play with.

The Thunderclap is the latest speed cube in the MoFangGe series from QiYi. The mechanism is similar to the Bullfight, though slightly faster. It comes in a large box and a quality mesh cube bag.

QiYi Sail

The Rubic 152 (3×3) is a chi tr tu c giáo s iêu khc. It was created by Erno Rubik in 1974. It is known for its unique and symmetrical shape.

The new QiYi Sail has a more robust mechanism and has rounded off center caps. This makes it safer to use and will not catch on things. It is also budget-friendly and will get you started.

QiYi QiZheng S2

If you’re looking for a budget 5×5 cube, you should consider the QiYi QiZheng 5×5. It is fast and clicky, and it has a smoother virage than most of its competitors. It is also very sturdy and is perfect for speed cubing.

The QiCheng is a beginner-friendly skewb. The QiCheng has a ball bearing alignment mechanism for better corner cutting in both directions. It’s also one of the first sticker-less Square-1 variants, and it has been redesigned to be more appealing to gamers. It is also a skewb shape mod.

QiYi QiDi

The QiYi QiDi S is a great choice for a beginner, or an intermediate cuber looking for an affordable cube. It has a 2-inch size that’s easier to solve than a 3×3 speed cube, and a matt finish without stickers to protect it from scratches.

The new cube features a color scheme that is more harmonious and allows easier color distinction. The cube’s frosted surface is scratch-proof and has a low refractive index, which gives it a cleaner look. It also features a symmetrical design for a more reliable assembly and an attractive exterior.

QiYi QiDi 24 pieces

A QiYi Cube is a puzzle that consists of 24 pieces. The pieces are arranged on each side to create various shapes. This puzzle is popular with both beginners and professional cubers. To solve it, you must rotate one face 45 degrees. Once you have taken one piece out, you should rotate the other side 45 degrees to put it back.

There are different types of QiYi cubes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The first one, the QiYi Klotski puzzle, is known for its high-quality pieces. Its magnetic pieces make solving the puzzle easier. This version also has a smaller size, making it more convenient to carry.

QiYi QiYuan W 3×3

The QiYi QiYuan S2 4×4 is a super-cheap and accessible 4×4 cube. Its design is a bit simpler than the QiYi QiYuan Q3x3, but it’s still one of the best choices on the market.

Despite being a budget cube, the QiYi Thunderclap 3×3 is an excellent performer. It is clicky and fast, and has great corner cutting. The only downside is that it’s made of cheap plastic. However, if you’re a beginner, this is a great choice for you.


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