How to Adjust the Center Travel on a GAN 13 MagLev

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The GAN 13 MagLev comes with accessories and comes in a dark blue box with orange details. The inner box has a smart clicking mechanism and comes with a small metal tool that lets you adjust the feel and tightness of the cube. It also comes with a blue cube bag that protects the cube from scratches. The box also contains a pamphlet with instructions.

Center travel

The center travel on a GAN 13 MagLev can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. The amount of center travel controls how fast the MagLev will cut corners and how resistant it is to pops. It is adjustable through six different levels. To adjust the center travel, simply use the metal tool located between the lower teeth of the light blue gear. The adjustment will produce clicks, which indicate when you’ve successfully altered the setting.

Center travel adjustment

The Center travel adjustment on the GAN 13 MagLev controls the resistance to pops and corners when cutting. It’s adjustable in six levels. Each level produces a click as it is adjusted. You can also increase or decrease it by using the adjustment nut. This feature is essential for cutting corners with great precision and speed.

The GAN 13 features the revolutionary MagLev technology, which is the future of speedcubing. This magnetic speedcube has an abundance of new features and improvements. It features core-to-edge repulsion magnets. It’s also one of the lightest 3x3s in the market.

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