Love Indulging in Virtual Board Games? Check Out These Popular Ones Available on the MPL App

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One of the most preferred activities individuals opt for when it comes to leisurely passing time is indulging in board games. The activity has been popular among the masses for hundreds of centuries. According to Medium, board games are prehistoric, i.e., board games came into existence even before human beings learned the language. As amusing as it may sound, the first ever game that came into existence was dice or the piece that is essential in most board games. Even though board games have been popular for a long time, their popularity has seen massive growth in the past few years. Moreover, many major news outlets went on to call it “A Golden Age for Board Games,” primarily because the growth rate was calculated to be around 40%. 

There are millions of people who indulge in different types of board games every day. However, not all prefer indulging in board games with the conventional method. Thanks to the digitalization of the world, most board game enthusiasts prefer to play virtual versions of board games by downloading specific applications on their smartphones. However, certain applications feature numerous types of board games in one place. One such app that is immensely popular among fans is the MPL app. The versatile app houses many top-tier board games featuring exciting graphics and realistic gameplay. This article will cover some of the most popular board games available on the MPL app that enthusiasts can indulge in without hassle. Let us dive right into it:

  • Ludo

Regarding the list of the most popular board games of all time, only a few come close to ludo. The classic strategy-based board game is played between 2 to 4 players, either individually or in partnership. The game originated as Pachisi, which individuals around the 6th century extensively played. One of the best parts about the game is that it is easy to play and has rules that are easily understandable by people of all age groups. The online ludo game on the MPL app further adds to the exceptionalism of the game by offering numerous game modes, including the famous multiplayer mode, where individuals can play against their friends or family members. Besides featuring exciting game modes, the online ludo game on the MPL app offers individuals numerous additional features, like using emoticons to showcase reactions, matching against skilled opponents from different parts of the globe, etc. What further increases the game’s appeal is its realistic graphics and an equally well-designed interface. All the user needs to do to access the game is download the MPL app on their Apple or Android smartphone by following a few simple steps, register on the platform, and start playing ludo matches by opening the ludo game available on the app.  

  • Carrom

Carrom is another popular board game played extensively by millions of people in and around the Indian subcontinent. Like ludo, carrom is loved by people of all ages since it has easy-to-understand rules and a clear-cut objective. Due to the immense love the game receives, virtual carrom is one of the most exciting board games featured on the MPL application. There are numerous similarities between the online and offline versions of carrom. On the MPL app, you can play online carrom in a professional or freestyle mode.

Moreover, the game features numerous modes, including the all-time-popular multiplayer mode, which facilitates individuals to indulge in virtual carrom games with their friends or family members as opponents. Indulging in virtual carrom on the MPL app is a great way to play carrom for real money. The online carrom game features a seamless user interface. It offers numerous additional features that enhance players’ experience, such as in-app chat options, easy-to-learn controls, free tokens to participate in carrom games, etc. Moreover, it also features exciting events that offer players the chance to win top-tier rewards. Enthusiasts of the virtual board game can play it after downloading the app and registering their accounts on the platform. 

  • Chess

Chess is a top-tier board game played by millions of individuals globally every day that offers many benefits to players. For instance, it enhances the cognitive skills of players and facilitates them to improve their strategy-making skills and concentration. Even though the game has more complex rules than other board games, it is loved by people of all age groups. The oldest strategy-based board game is played between two players using different types of pieces in a distinguished board known as the chessboard. The online version of chess, also called speed chess or blitz, is a fast-paced version of the traditional or offline version. The online chess game on the MPL app further enhances the excitement of chess lovers by offering numerous tournaments, each of which provides exciting rewards to winners. Besides this, the online chess game also features a seamless user interface that facilitates users to browse through and explore the in-game options without hassle. Players also get the chance to chat with their friends or followers seamlessly, thanks to the in-app chat functionality. Overall, it is an excellent application for fans of the strategic board game to enhance their chess skills and play against skilled opponents. 

The MPL app houses numerous board games, including the exciting ones mentioned above. Individuals wishing to pass their time leisurely or learn about board games can opt to play any of the aforementioned virtual board games on the MPL app. 

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