Kirill Yurovskiy: Different types of lawns – their characteristics and features

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This article will talk about what kinds of lawns are available, what features, technical characteristics they have, what advantages and disadvantages need to be considered when arrangement of green areas on open areas and shady areas.

Today you can find a large number of grass mixtures on the market that help you get a beautiful green lawn. It has long been an integral part of landscape gardening. With its help, the creation of a beautiful place to relax. Lush greenery is always soothing, it is the best way to emphasize the plasticity of the land, and forms a beautiful background for flower beds and vertical gardening. Details on

Creating a lawn at home is possible, if properly prepare the soil and sow it with a composition of seeds. There are a large number of ready-made assemblages on sale. The application of each allows you to create a certain type of lawn. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of the different types of lawns and their characteristics help to solve many practical problems.

The most common varieties

There are five basic compositions of grass mixtures that can be used to create garden lawns. These are the grasses and plants with which you can grow:

  • regular lawns;
  • lawns;
  • sports fields;
  • flowering moorland covers;
  • shady lawns;
  • special green coverings.

Regular garden lawn

When it is formed, it produces a cross between a parterre lawn and a sports lawn. It inherits from the first type a high ornamental value, from the second – sufficient resistance to trampling. Such green lawns today decorate city parks and squares, lawns in front of private houses. If you want to finally get the perfect compromise between high aesthetics and practicality, you should buy grass seed mix, sowing which allows you to get a regular lawn.

It can be very versatile. With it you can create a lush green carpet on a surface with a complex relief. The cost of the seed composition is low. It usually includes Agrostis and Cynosurus cristatus. Festuca rubra, Poa pratensis and Lolium perenne are most often added. Exactly these plants allow to increase resistance of a lawn to trampling and to create an undemanding in care lawn.

Parterre (English) lawn

This coverage has another name. It is often called “parterre”, this word contains the main function of the described grass surface. It is not intended to be walked on, played with a ball or had a picnic. It’s just for people to enjoy. After the grass has risen and the mower is passed over it, there is a perfectly smooth soft ground, on the surface of which there is not a single flaw.

Not so long ago, such decorative elements were used to decorate royal palaces and parks. They concealed the angularity of paved walkways, veiled their simplicity and crudity. Today, this type of lawn can be seen in the garden of a medium-sized businessman, decorated in a classical style. Parterre lawns decorate the area in front of office buildings, large shopping malls or offices.

What is a parterre lawn? It is a very dense and thick canvas, the height of the grass is 3-4 cm, all the grass is about the same thickness. During its creation strict rules are followed, so the technical characteristics of the green covering are very high. Parterre lawn boasts a perfectly smooth surface, lush green color. It looks very decorative, so for his breakdown must choose a place well visible, well-lit, not overshadowed by large trees and tall buildings.

Grass mixtures include perennials, grasses that grow very slowly. Their growth helps to form a dense layer of turf, after mowing such plants quickly recover.

As parterre lawns are “for the ages”, it is important to take care in advance to prevent rainwater stagnation. To do this, the area for seeding grass is formed at a slight slope. Then the water itself will be naturally removed from the surface of the lawn. When there is no possibility of forming a slope, a drainage system is installed.

Parterre lawn can grow only on fertile soils, so periodically the soil has to be fertilized. If you manage to grow it, you will get to make a real bright decoration on the site, which looks very luxurious. With proper care, it will last long enough, at least for ten years the owners will be able to enjoy the beauty of pearly greenery.

Sports lawns

They allow you to create super hardy green surfaces on which you can play with a ball, run and jump, and hold various sports competitions. Different mixtures of grasses are used for their creation. By combining the plants, specialists create fields for tennis, soccer and golf. All of them have about the same resistance to trampling, all are characterized by low mowing.

For such a green lawn does not need to be carefully maintained, but under its laying is necessary to build a complex system of drainage, carefully thinking through the process of watering. Any failure of these components will lead to the loss of basic technical properties.

Sports lawns are created by sowing grass mixtures containing Agrostis avenacea as well as Lolium perenne. One and a half times more seeds per square meter are sown than in the creation of any other type of lawn.

Moorish lawn

Externally it is very different from the traditional green lawns and has a number of features. It is created with the help of a mixture of field and cereal plants, not demanding to the composition of soil and weather conditions. It can be planted in the shade of trees, along the banks of rivers and ponds, on the side of large roads. If you choose the right plants, they will delight you with their blossoms from the beginning of summer to late autumn. Within it, some finish blooming, while others are just beginning.

The easiest way to create a Moorish lawn is to buy a mixture in a specialized gardening store, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need to mix the composition intended for sowing a regular lawn with the seeds of meadow flowers and cereals in the proportions 4×1.

Sowing such a lawn will completely eliminate the need for regular mowing, the flowering lawn will not have to devote much time, it needs minimal care (watering and limiting sprawl). The plants listed above are able to grow on any type of soil, blooming motley grass always cheers up and pleases the eye.

Choosing such a variant of lawn, it is important to take into account some of its features. Experts do not recommend building it on a large area, it will quickly get out of control and fill the entire plot with itself. For a competent selection of seeds, it is necessary to have the knowledge of a biologist. Only with their help will it be possible to make sure that you get a beautiful, continuous flowering lawn. It is difficult to distribute mixed seeds evenly. Experienced gardeners mix the planting material with sand before planting to facilitate this process.

It is always important to remember that a Moorish lawn is a composition consisting of grasses and herbs, selected in such a way that the plants do not compete with each other, but get along perfectly together and form a beautiful blanket in the process of growth. It blends beautifully with landscape styles.

Shade-tolerant lawns

These include lush, emerald green lawns which are created with plants that can grow in the most problematic areas of the garden. These include poorly lit areas. Such lawns can show great stamina, the grass on them, despite the lack of light, grows quickly and is very unpretentious.

Soil-covering and cereal plants, specially selected, are used to create shade-tolerant lawns. Lawns made with trampling-resistant mosses are gaining in popularity today. They can fill in any gaps between rocks and tree roots. With them you can hide unsightly areas and form a special natural charm.

You can safely walk on such covers with your feet, they do not require any maintenance. With mosses you can create evergreen and fine-textured pieces, the texture of which strongly resembles that of velvet. They are not afraid of hard frosts, hot heat, and sharp fluctuations in temperature. They do not need to be cut. Planting mosses does not require any material costs. It is enough to buy a rhizome once, it grows very quickly and protects the soil from weeds, from erosion. Even when it seems that the plant is completely dead, it does not mean that it cannot be resuscitated. It is enough just to abundantly water the moss, and the plant will quickly restore its decorativeness.

Today it is actively used by landscape designers for landscaping the most shady areas of the garden. And this area is so far the only application of mosses for the landscaping areas described.

Non-grass lawns

There are artful imitations of green lawns, created with the help of groundcover plants. They are used where there is no possibility to carefully care for the green lawn, where you need to quickly green a large area without much effort, where it is necessary to emphasize the style chosen to create a landscape design.

Such lawns have an uncreated appearance, they do not require special care, the choice of a variety of plants is allowed. It is determined by the need to create a special decorative effect. Clover, phlox, thyme and honeysuckle are best suited for this purpose.

Special lawns

These include lawns that are created for some specific practical purpose. For example, to strengthen hillsides, sod roadsides, or to prevent soil erosion on the banks of bodies of water. Seeds of plants are used for this, which grow quickly and form a very dense turf.

So that the lawn in such situations can cope with its assigned function, additional devices are used. When reinforcing a slope, a geogrid is used to prevent the seeds from sliding down. It is inserted directly into the ground before planting the seeds and well holds the soil.


Each type of lawn has its own purpose, buying seeds to create this or that type, experts advise to pay attention to the indicator of moisture, the timing of germination of grass, the level of pest infestation. Do not hesitate to consult with the seller or with a consultant and learn the details of care for this or that variant of the arrangement of the green lawn.

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