Benefits of header pin wholesale suppliers online

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Header pins are versatile fasteners that can be used for various applications. These small screws, with either hexagonal or round heads and slotted or Phillips drive, are typically used to join two boards edge-to-edge. The head of the header pin is shorter than the depth of a board’s thickness; this allows it to intrude only slightly into one board when joined with another. The primary use for header pins is in installing molding along the edges of two adjacent boards so that the molding overlaps onto both boards and provides a strong joint between them.

Benefits of header pin wholesale suppliers online

1. Save Time

The header pin’s pre-drilled holes help you to save a lot of time, especially when installing moldings along the edges of two adjacent boards. The pre-drilled holes provide the perfect location for securing the header pin.

2. Securely Attach Two Boards

When you install molding using a traditional joint at both ends, a gap between them is created. However, this gap is closed in the case of header pins, creating a secure joint between two boards. In addition, your project will also look more professional and neat because header pins cover any gaps and imperfections in your woodworking project, making it more attractive.

3. Professional Appearance

Molding that is installed using header pins will give your woodworking project a professional appearance compared to one that is installed with traditional joints because header pins do not leave gaps between adjoining boards and provide a strong joint.

4. Cost 

Effective Header pins are less costly than traditional joints and, thus, save you a lot of money. This is because neither glue nor screws are required for installing the header pin, unlike traditional joints where the requisite glue or screws need to be used.

5. Durability

Although less than traditional joints, Header pins provide a strong joint between edges where traditional joints have left gaps due to breakage of woodworking techniques and tools. This makes header pins ideal for any project subject to extreme conditions such as severe heat or moisture.

6. Long Lasting

Since traditional joints are prone to frequent breaks and cracks, they lack longevity as compared to header pins. This is mainly because traditional joints are subjected to a lot of pressure while operating. On the other hand, header pins do not undergo any such stress, thereby providing a longer service life.

7. Easy to Use

Header pins have slotted heads with a narrow slot, which makes them easy to use. This makes header pins the most preferred type of fasteners among professionals as they are easily installed and provide a strong joint that is not prone to breaking.

8. Value for Money

Wholesale suppliers offer high-quality products at reasonable rates that you can afford for your woodworking projects. These fasteners provide value for money in the case of professional woodworking projects because they are more robust than traditional joints, durable, and long-lasting, thus giving your project a professional appearance.



You can look forward to many favorable modifications in your woodworking projects. Header pins offered by reliable suppliers are a smart choice for making your project look professional and attractive in the case of professional woodworking projects. These fasteners will provide you with value for money and improve the quality of your construction work.


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