Download Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash Mod Apk

Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash

Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash
Download APK v1.18

Tower Breaker – Hack & Slash — playing for the demon you deal with hordes of enemies, conquering each floor of the high tower. At the disposal of the player will be three options: jerk, use the shield and attack. Skillfully applying them you have to completely clean one floor, move to the next, etc., until you reach the top of the tower. However, each time it is more difficult to achieve the goal, as the strength of the enemies only increases. You can find better weapons, armor and shields in the chests and further improve their parameters with 100% probability. Also get a pet, he will accompany you in battle and help in the fight against numerous enemies. Each of the towers has its own type of enemies and powerful bosses. Android game Tower Breaker is a good fit as a time killer, however, do not expect anything more from it.

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