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Survival Zombie Hunter

Survival Zombie Hunter
Download APK v1.0.28

Survival Zombie Hunter — exciting action game where you have to fight alone with crowds of zombies, your main task – to survive! Take a gun in your hands and go! Your character shoots automatically, you only need to reasonably calculate the moves, so as not to get into the crowd of enemies. Kill zombies, earn a lot of money and diamonds, the game has more than 100 levels and several game modes. Survival mode and ranking mode. The game also has a large number of zombies, ranging from the usual, ending with large and strong. On the earned money, buy and improve your weapon, buy equipment and again in fight! Good effects and quite beautiful graphics, sound is also not bad. If you like dynamic action games where you need to kill crowds of zombies, then this game is just for you! Free and does not require an Internet connection. Suitable for all ages, if you have a lot of free time and you have nothing to do, download, play!

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